from concept to publication, in print or online, and everywhere in between

ou have an idea you want to get out to the world. maybe you need a brochure written or designed. or you're planning to set up your first website. or you've written a book that you want to self-publish and you need someone to do the layout and indexing.

or you have to mount a fundraising campaign and don't know how. or the bosses think you should publish an in-house magazine or newsletter.

or you want an inexpensive way to create and distribute a handbook or instruction manual. or all of the above.

so what are your options?

it used to be that your choices were limited:

  • do it yourself. (and just where do they think you're going to come up with the time, let alone the know-how?)
  • hire new staff. of course, this will mean weeks of going through applications and doing interviews, then a salary and benefits package you really can't afford, not to mention the headache of training and supervising novices.
  • hire a number of consultants: one to do the research and writing, a second to edit what the first has written, a third to do the graphic design and layout, and even more people to do the html coding and put it on the internet. big bucks.

until now.

a better choice

we're able to take your idea from its inception, and carry it through to publication—in print or on the web, in html or pdf—or help you with any stage in the process. smithcraft is your one-stop-shop, as it were.

signposthere's the thing. once you've got your concept, you need to articulate it. so perhaps you need a writer who really has a gift with words and can write everything from pieces for technical journals to breezily colloquial magazine articles.

or maybe you've got the words on paper, but it still needs...something. so you want an editor who really knows how to make the piece sing while preserving the author's distinctive style.

perhaps the text is in place and ready, and now you want to get it published. so then you're looking for a good publication designer who can create a handsome layout and oversee the printing process.

or maybe you've already got your newsletter (or book, or magazine) published, but now you need a web designer to turn your concept into a really smashing website that your customers will long remember.

why settle for just a web designer when you can have a writer and editor too?

well, you've come to the right place. we can do it all—at surprisingly reasonable prices. we think you'll be amazed at everything we can do for you, and just how good smithcraft can make you look.

to start your tour of smithcraft, take a look at our web design and online publishing services.


“from concept to publication,
in print or online, and
everywhere in between”

craig r. smith / smithcraft

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